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HypertensionNo.1 cause of death globally

1.5 billion patients worldwide are suffering from hypertension. Given lack of cure, patients must combine lifelong medication, exercise, and dietary restrictions to control blood pressure. Patients with resistant hypertension whose blood pressure is not controlled despite these efforts are exposed to risk of fatal complications

  • 1990s 0.7B
  • 2020s 1.5B

Renal Denervation RDN

Renal denervation is
a minimally invasive procedure for hypertension that ablates nerves in the renal arteries to lower blood pressure. It is a promising non-drug treatment for hypertension (& resistant hypertension) that can save millions of lives. Global companies have spent billions of dollars to develop RDN technology, but without much success thus far. DeepQure, in partnership with Seoul National University hospital (“SNUH”), is shifting the RDN paradigm and developing a laparoscopic-based RDN device that overcomes current limitations